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Soft Touch Oriental Cleaning & Repairs offers a full line of services designed to protect and enhance the appearance of your rugs for years to come.

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Rug Wrapping

Rug Wrapping: On occasion, rugs that have been washed don’t always get put back into use immediately. When this is the case, it’s a good idea to have your rugs professionally wrapped by us. This ensures that when you are ready to put your rugs back into use again they’re still as fresh as the day they were cleaned. A couple of examples of why you should have your rugs wrapped is moving to a different house or storing for an extended period of time. I will list some key benefits below to having your rug professionally wrapped.

Clean – just like it was the day it was hand washed 

Dry –  so you will not encounter mold or mildew 

Insect free – a commonly overlooked problem but not when the rug is properly wrapped

Allergen free – since you won’t be maintaining your rugs for an extended period of time, this will ensure that your rug or rugs are free of harmful allergic contaminants  

Protective Finish

Costumer favorite

Protective Finish: A type of spot and spill Insurance for your rug. Life gets busy and lets face it, before you know it

something has been knocked over or spilled in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Fortunately, you can choose to purchase a protective finish that is specific to your rug. This will provide you with that extra time you need before you have the possibility of a permanent stain.

Here are some key benefits of our Protective Finish.

 Spot and spill barrier – Time is of the essence when a spill occurs, so let our woolsafe protective finish do the hard work buying you that extra time to grab a towel 

Vacuuming made easier – Dry particulate soil will not adhere to the fibers, in turn releasing the soil for a more thorough vacuuming 

Cleaner/longer – That is correct! Your rugs will stay cleaner/longer, which will mean more time in between cleanings.

Environmentally friendly – safe for pets and children

Moth Treatment

Costumer favorite

Moth Treatment: Moths love wool! Moths will eat wool down to the  foundation of the rug, especially wool that is dirty and not kept in well lit environments. At Soft Touch we have the solution. Whenever you have us professionally clean your wool rugs we also offer a Moth Treatment.
Once this treatment has been applied to your clean rug, the wool will no longer
have an appealling taste to the moths therefore saving your rug from damage and costly repair bills.

Guaranteed Odor Control

Guaranteed odor control: MOM! It happened again! Well I think you know where I am going with this. Yes your brand new puppy has found its favorite rug AGAIN! No Problem. Soft Touch Oriental Rug Cleaning & Repair offers guaranteed odor control on your rugs. Please keep in mind we can’t always guarantee the staining will be removed but we will guarantee the odor removal.


Appraisals: If you would like to know the value of your rugs, we will send you detailed instructions regarding the pictures you will need to take and email back to us. If you are not able to take the photos, we can schedule a pick-up time to bring your rugs to our shop and handle the photo documentation in-house for an additional cost. Appraisal turnaround time is 7 to 10 business days (excluding weekends and holidays).

Fringe Detailing (cleaning)

Some fringe will require extra work after the rug has been washed. For example: heavily soiled conditions or color run from from a previous cleaner or incident in the home where the rug has gotten wet. Should any of these or other reasons be present, extra attention will be given to the fringe .

FREE Pick Up and Delivery

We offer free pick up and delivery to the Springfield/Branson and surrounding areas. Some areas may require a pickup and delivery charge. In order to keep our day-to-day operations on a smooth structered schedule, we don’t offer a manned office for pick up and delivery. By doing business this way we are able to pass the savings on to our clients and concentrate on the business at hand –turning out the highest product possible! 

Hand Repairs

Repairs are estimated and
determined by a couple of key factors:

  • A consultation with you either over the phone or in person to discuss repair desires and expectations
  • A thorough, comprehensive inspection in our shop
  • Cost for repairs will be provide to you

At Soft touch we pay attention to the smallest details. Below are a few of the steps we take to ensure that each rug is properly cleaned and cared for.

Pre-Inspection: A thorough, comprehensive 40 point pre-inspection for cleaning is performed on every rug that comes to our shop. This inspection acclimates us with your rug on everything from pre-existing conditions to what cleaning method will be best suited for your rug. At this time we can give you any recommendations for repairs or specialty work needing to be done along with a firm written price and guarantee.

Speed drying: Your rugs are dried in a climate contolled drying room minimizing dry time significantly. 

Dry soil removal and dusting:The first and most important step in the cleaning process. Soft Touch uses this technique for every rug in the cleaning process

  1. Vacuum- the rug on both sides
  2. Vibrate- the back of your rug with a safe and gentle process 
  3. Flush- with compressed air to remove the stubborn particulate soil that is left 
  4. Finish- with a final vacuuming 

Pile grooming: Pile grooming of your rug after cleaning aligns your rug fibers in the proper direction for optimal drying and appearance. 

Post Inspection: Quality control is held in high regards here at Soft Touch Oriental Rug Cleaning & Repair. Every rug that has been cleaned and repaired is carefully inspected before being delivered back to our client. Soft Touch handles and cares for ourclients prize possessions with the utmost care.

Hand washing of rugs: Although most of the rugs that we recieve can be handwashed, there are some that can’t be.Thats why we incorporate wet and dry cleaning methods at our facility to cover all types of rugs. A couple of things we won’t do is:

Wash multiple rugs in a tub? NO!

Your rugs are cleaned one at a time to not contimanate each other.

Bleach! NO! While some cleaners will attempt this to help “Brighten” your rug, we NEVER use Bleach or Sodium Hypochorite on your woven treasures. This is a very damaging technique to the natural fibers and should be avoided at all costs.

Cleaning and Repair Services

Here is a quick list of important points you may want to consider when looking for a true rug washer

1. Insurance! Are they covered? We will gladly show you our certificate of Insurance when we come to pick-up your rugs! All rug washing specialist should be prepared to do this and if they aren’t , whatever you do….

Don’t give them your rugs!

2. Washing/Cleaning of rugs is vastly different from the everyday cleaning of “wall to wall” carpeting.so you need to know the difference.Here at Soft Touch Oriental Rug Cleaning & Repair we are well equipped to handle many different cleaning methods for various types of rugs.Not a “one way fits all process.”

3. Are WoolSafe products being used by your potential rug cleaner? The majority of cleaners are not and I will never understand why! To save a few dollars and potentially ruin someones valued one of a kind rug?? Soft Touch Oriental Rug Cleaning & Repair utilizes its Soft Touch system of WoolSafe products on every rug every time!

4. How do they remove dry soil? Is this step being accomplished or maybe even skipped? You cannot just vacuum the dry soil out of a rug. Even worse yet is trying to only wet clean the soil out of a rug. The strongest truck mount in the world cant remove the dry soil deeply embedded in a rug! Ive even heard of cleaners trying to use compressed air to remove dry particulate soil from rugs.I’m not against this method I just believe it should be used in conjunction harmonic vibration.Harmonic vibration is part of the Soft Touch system that we incorporate at Soft Touch Oriental Rug Cleaning & Repair to get your rugs thoroughly cleaned and restored to the highest of standards. Harmonic vibration is the only way to truly remove the larger sediments.

5. My final and most important thought for you to consider is what is “their guarantee?” Make sure they explain it to you and that you understand it completely. At Soft Touch Oriental Rug Cleaning & Repair our guarantee is simple… If you are not completely satisfied with our service you don’t pay! Get up to date info and follow us on Google+.

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